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Yachting Management

SBY offers a wide range of services and products for all your yacht and boat needs. Based in Gouvia Marina, SBY offers Yacht Service, Supervising, Yachts Refit, Yacht Brokerage, Boat Share, Administration, Yacht Agency and Documentation. 

We work with yacht owners, designers and shipyards to advise on all aspects of the project; from donor vessel selection for conversions to pre-purchase inspections and sea trials of yachts.  

Sail the Blue Yachting, is a leader in the yachts management because our goal was simple… to provide a professional, dependable and affordable service to the yachting industry. Through our drive and dedication, SBY became one of the International leading Yacht Management company because we pride ourselves on doing the job right the first time.

Choosing to give us the safekeeping and the management of your sailboat, it will allow you to amortize the purchased price and the routinely operating costs. You will choose from a fixed annuity or a percentage of the amount collected.

We will be happy to discuss the various aspects that can determine the choice of cooperation with SBY. Together with you we will establish the management contract and eventual personalized options, supplying you with all the information you need.

We will keep you up to date with regular reports making sure that you are aware of all the latest developments always respecting your needs and requirements.

In the event of outsourcing we will introduce you to not only the best but the most competitive products/services in the industry.

SBY management can also provide crew management to simplify your, job as captain/yacht manager and save money. For a cost-effective monthly payment we can offer you offshore crew management and administration. 

Our team will assist you to eliminate any potential administration costs and social security contributions that may be due by crew members, captain and the owner to significantly reduce the overall crew employment expenditure.