Sea Assistance

24 Hours Sea Assistance is a Sail the Blue Yachting project.

Our Sea Assistance department covers all the Ionian Sea, from the north of Corfu Island to the South of Zakynthos Island up to Rio Bridge (Patras Gulf).

1. Delivery of spare parts

We bring spare parts to the place of refuge. Impellers, V-belts, thermostats, alternators, batteries, and water pressure pumps, we find them and deliver them to you as fast as possible. The captain in charge, will get the spare parts and deliver them with a surcharge of 50%.

2. Emergency starting

We offer emergency starting help with electrical cables or a jump start box at the place of refuge.

3. Fuel service

We can bring up to 50 liters of fuel (diesel or gas) to the place of refuge. 

4. Disengaging of lines from the propeller

We can assist in freeing lines caught in propellers at the place of refuge.

5. Transport of crew and medical assistance

Every crew member will be picked up and brought to a safe place. Our captains, in the meantime, will organize medical assistance from healthcare professionals and contact the nearest rescue team. Medical costs may apply.

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