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Sea Assistance

24 Hours Sea Assistance is a Sail the Blue Yachting project.

Our Sea Assistance department covers all the Ionian Sea, from the north of Corfu Island to the South of Zakynthos Island up to Rio Bridge (Patras Gulf).

1. Delivery of spare parts

Every member will be brought their spare parts to the place of refuge – free of charge. (Impellers, V-belts, thermostats, alternators, batteries, water pressure pumps…) The hotline endeavors to organize delivery of the needed spare parts as soon as possible. The captain in charge, will get the spare parts and deliver them with a surcharge of 25%.

2. Emergency starting

Every member will receive emergency starting help with electrical cables or a jump start box at the place of refuge – free of charge.

3. Fuel service

Every member can be brought up to 50 liters of fuel (diesel or gas) to the place of refuge –free of charge. The fuel is to be paid.

4. Disengaging of lines from the propeller

Every member will get their propeller freed from lines at the place of refuge – free of charge.

5. Transport of injured persons

Every crew member will be picked up and brought to the next port – free of charge. Our captains, in the meantime, will organize a doctor and the rescue.

6. Weather and area guidance

Our captains at the hotline have constant access to the current weather information on the Internet and will forward them to our members upon request (or in case of extreme weather conditions) – free of charge.

Upon signing up for the service, you will receive a member card issued by our company where you will find all the contact details and emergency numbers.

Yachts up to 11m – 165€ annually

Guardian program

Sail the Blue Yachting offers the following services on sea- and dry berths:

  • Inspection of the mounting of the covers
  • Fastening of loose covers
  • Inspection of mooring lines on sea berths
  • Opening of the boat weekly.
  • Checking of the bilge.
  • Regulated charge of batteries.
  • Operating of pump, toilets and instruments etc.
  • Starting the engine, generator, A/C, every two weeks.
  • New additional fastening of the mooring lines – if necessary
  • Inspection of the fenders and possible replacement if needed.
  • Inspection of the dinghy mount.
  • Removal of rain water from the covers

  • You can post your spare parts etc. to our address and we will keep them until you arrive in Corfu.
  • Sail the Blue Yachting inspects all mooring lines and covers with intervals of less than 20 days. In case of heavy storms, your yacht will be inspected several times a week, in order to spot early signs of damage and schedule appropriate repairs. The Sail the Blue Yachting captains take photos of your yacht at the berth and you will receive the photos via e-mail. This detailed documentation on the condition of your yacht will grant you security and comfort!

A precondition for this service is the Owners-card membership and a service contribution of only 35, 00 € (incl. 24% VAT) monthly. This offer is members-only.

*For non-Members the cost is 65 Euro per month + 24% VAT.