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Yacht Refitting

Refitting Services

As a company we undertake full refits of yachts. A refit includes repairing, fizing, restoring, mending, and renovating an old vessel. Refitting has become one of the most important activities our company undertakes. We offer a variety of services for an old vessel of any size and kind, starting with the constructing itself and what is added to it, such as hardware, electric & hydraulic systems, entertainment systems, mast, engines, plumming, seacocks, covers, hull & deck painting. 

Refitting can be divided into several main subjects, all of which our company thoroughly sees through.

  1. Adding or replacing: replacing old deck equipment with new or refurbished ones
  2. Modifying: modifying a yacht for participating in and winning races
  3. Customizing: customizing a yacht for the owner’s needs and desires
  4. Modernizing: modernizing an old yacht with modern styling
  5. Restoring: restoring an old wooden boat for preservation
  6. Refit specification, budget preparation and cost control
  7. Quality control and managements of warranties, timeframe control

With a lot of experience managing complex and large refits, and many successful projects in our portfolio, SBY has supported numerous refit projects and found most effective solutions for a wide range of yachts, providing full technical support throughout the process. Choosing SBY to manage your refit offers significant cost savings, with in-depth reporting, keeping owners fully informed of the progress at every step.

It does not matter if your yacht needs a refit or just a repair, Sail the Blue Yachting has the capacity to service just about any sized vessel, and we have the experienced staff to do it. No matter what kind of problem you have (mechanical or electrical, simple or complex carpentry, or just routine paining or fiberglass repair), we are here to help, quickly and efficiently.

We offer:

  • Preparation and hull/deck/interior painting
  • Plumbing
  • Engineering
  • Shipwright skills in GRP, wood, aluminum and steel
  • Electrical services
  • Electronic Troubleshooting
  • Rigging services

Our experienced yacht managers are available to advise you on all aspects of your yacht’s refit and renewal program to ensure that she presents in tip-top shape.