Yacht Polishing

Our Yacht Polishing Services

Polishing yachts and adding a protective coat against the damaging effects of the sun and the water, must be handled by yacht experts. We offer a line of the highest quality products that clean faster, polish better and protect longer than any other products, providing several different yacht detailing and polishing options for you to choose from. Regardless what kind of cleaning, maintenance or refinishing service you need Sail the Blue Yachting is ready for you!

Sail the Blue Yachting provides exceptional exterior yacht polishing and detailing services in Corfu. We know how important it is to keep your yacht in flawless condition, which is why we have the most experienced yacht polishing professionals within the boating and yachting industry.

Polished to Reflection

Our yacht polishing services in Corfu include yacht window treatment and deep cleaning, as well as:

  • Nano-coating for long-term protection
  • Yacht restoration
  • Yacht paint maintenance
  • Gelcoat cut-polish-protection
  • Stainless steel polishing
  • Teak deck maintenance

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