GRP Repairs

GRP Repair

Sail the Blue Yachting specializes in major and minor fiberglass repairs  (GRP) on any sized fiberglass boat including yachts, power boats, sailboats and jet skis.

We can repair boat dents, cracks and chips, scratches and holes. Our workmanship is second to none and all our repairs are completed in a timely manner. Sail the Blue Yachting provides a variety of services and is always looking for a challenge.

State of the art equipment paired with 30 years of experience guarantees that the work is done correctly the first time. SBY Service Team guarantees customer satisfaction in each and every project through the use of quality products, professional equipment and skilled workmanship. Quality resin like Polyester and Vinyl Ester are purchased separately and specifically for each job.

Engine Mounting Blocks, Stringers and Transoms are some of the first things that deteriorate on a boat hull especially when the fiberglass covering is penetrated by mounting screws & clamps. This and large holes in hulls can be repaired using new hi-tech resins and bi-ply fiberglass to make the hull stronger than the day it left the factory.

Expert Color Matching


  • SBY takes extreme pride in its expert colour matching & blending techniques.
  • When the repair is completed it has a shiny mirror finish.
  • You will not see any dry Rings or tape lines like other repairmen leave.
  • Customers approve the colour match before the repairs begin.
  • Great colour matches can also be achieved on non-skid surfaces like the ones on swim platforms.

Do you repair boats in the water, or at my dock?

No. The fiberglass & spray dust can land on your neighbour’s boat and cause problems later on. We are professional and respect all the clients in our marina. The second reason we don’t do it in the water is that the boat bounces around too much to get the lines straight or to even get a good colour match. The trick to getting good colour matches is to have the spray gun set at a certain distance from the job.

Are you able to match the colour on my boat? We also have the factory Gel-Coat.


Yes, we can. You will have to approve the final match that I get.  As for using the factory gel-coat. If you were given the gel-coat when you purchased your boat then its most likely no good. Gel-coat is only good for about six months. The molecular structure breaks down. It may look good in the container, but after being sprayed on your boat you’ll see how the sun breaks it down a lot faster than if it was fresh gel-coat.

If you get the fresh gel-coat from the factory it will not match your boat. As soon as your boat leaves the factory the sun’s ultra violet rays starts to change the colour of your boat. You’ll see this if you have side stripes on your boat that have peeled off. You’ll see how the stripes protected the colour of the gel-coat from the sun. It will be a lot brighter. So, when we mix up colours we like to start from scratch. I don’t want to be guessing what the factory put in their gel-coat to get the colour of your boat.

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