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Our Services


Dedicated professional staff provides excellent, friendly service and a network of
technical support which will allow your travel wherever in the Greek waters, with
confidence and professionalism.

The basis of any well-maintained yacht is a Maintenance plan. We can help
establish, monitor and audit a plan, ensuring that equipment is maintained according
to the manufacturer’s guidelines and that required maintenance is undertaken on
schedule. This will help maintain the value of the yacht and significantly reduce the
chance of breakdowns.


Owning a yacht is very similar to running a business. We are here to ensure your
“business” is running safely, efficiently and cost effectively. A qualified and
experienced manager will be assigned to your yacht to make sure your high
standards are reflected through our company.

Our client list was created mainly on referrals and from our standings within the industry. Our reputation, as a company, has been established over the past 18 years making us one of the most experienced companies in our field.

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